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Welcome and thanks for taking the journey with us! Let the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival introduce you to the songwriters who create the songs that inspire our daily lives. Songs create moods that can put smiles on your faces or tears in your eyes. There are so many emotions that live within us each and every day that a song sometimes has a way of healing.
Hear the stories that inspired the birth of these songs. You will be surprised to learn that the artist on the radio might not be the songwriter. The variety of songwriters is as different as the grains of sand that cover our beautiful pristine beaches. Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival is your chance to meet the writers and hear the stories behind the songs.
Like the marriage between the lyrics and the melody of a song, the marriage between the beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach and the songwriters make this the perfect combination to kick back and enjoy Pensacola Beach October 4th - 8th! The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival appeals to all ages and encourages participation in our songwriting programs.

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Our Mission

The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival celebrates the creators of the music! Music education is an important part of our Festival. One of our goals is to bring the songwriters into the classroom to provide instruction and mentoring about the art of music.
2017 brings great news! We are so excited to announce that The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival has joined hands with the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame which will be hosting a workshop in three of our local schools. The program will include elementary and middle school students whose interest is in creative writing or music. Children will be encouraged to participate in the process of creating their own songs as well as taking the stage to perform their creations. This will give young students a chance to have a hands on experience with a professional writer in the art of songwriting.
Another goal we strive to achieve is to bring awareness to the general public. These few days will give you opportunities to not only hear the songs that you've danced to and fallen in love to, but also to meet and greet the songwriters that made it all possible. We appeal to all genres of music and endorse both professional and amateur songwriters.

Special Events

Mississippi Dreamers

May 4th @ 7pm

Mississippi Dreamers - Featuring Pensacola Beach Co-founder/Singer/Songwriters Jim Pasquale A little history! In the 9th grade Jim and Darryl Vincent started a band called Darryl Vincent and the Flares! The Flares are Meridian's first important & successful rock & roll band and Mississippi Music Artists.com recognizes and remembers this group for their contribution to Mississippi '60's music. The Flares recorded great music.....their music! The Original Flares started out in the late '50s. The band recorded a series of 45 singles for Sandy Records in Mobile, AL., Crash Records in New Orleans, La., Chess Records in Chicago, Ill. and one single and one 10 song album on Astro Records in Mobile, Al. http://www.mississippimusicartists.com/p/darryl-vincent-flares.html The show titled Mississippi Dreamers is to pay tribute to Mississippi's great artists and the fact that Mississippi is The Birthplace Of America's Music. This is the 200th anniversary of Mississippi 1817-2017....

Get Your Goat On with the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival

Sunday May 7th starting at 3:30 Opening Writer and 5:00 Nashville writers

Get your Goat on May 7th as the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival takes our show to town at Goat Lips Chew and Brewhouse with a special "Listening Room" experience! Goat Lips brews up the beer in their in-house brewery and our songwriters brew up the tunes that you have heard or will hear on the radio. Jim Pasquale - Songs recorded by Ray Charles, Gene Watson, Ed Bruce, Eloise Laws, and The Moody Brothers, Dorothy Moore, Bobby Whitlock with Eric Clapton, Darryl Vincent, and Joe Firth, to name a few. Jim is the co-writer of the theme song for the 2017 movie Happy Log. Along with the theme song, Jim has five other songs featured in the movie. Kevin Denney – Kevin has had multiple songs on the country charts including “That’s Just Jessie” and “Cadillac Tear”. He has also written songs for many other Nashville artist. Kevin has recently released a new CD “Something In Between”. Rusty Tabor – Rusty is a long time Nashville singer/songwriter who has written songs recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus “Back to Memphis” and “Wouldn’t You Do This For Me”. Rusty also penned “All I’ve Got Left” which was recorded by Russell Hitchcock on his Tennessee:The Nashville Sessions double cd project and IBMA male vocalist of the year winner Bradley Walker recorded “One Paragraph”..

2811 Copter Rd Pensacola, FL 32514 , www.goatlips.com website Time: 3:30 Opening act featuring Local Songwriters 5:00 – Rusty Tabor, Jim Pasquale, Kevin Denney Costs $15.00 Tickets can be purchase at Goat Lips Chew and Brewhouse and on line at www.Pensacolabeachsongwritersfestival.com Seating is limited, so get yours today!

The Latest

3rd Street Songwriters Festival

Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival is so excited to be a part of this great event! Great Music, Great Fun!! Come on out! HOTEL INDIGO: 1PM – Steve Judice, Jim Pasquale (PBSWF), Keith Harrelson Happy's 3PM – PBSWF Round – Jim Pasquale, Brigitte London, Donna Slater

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